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The Importance of a Story

Storytelling is a part of human nature.

Long before there was even a written word, there were stories; passed down orally for generations. When I was young, I’d take a story any way I could get it. Tell me a story, read me a story, sing me a story, or imagine me a story!

better gdad story

Here are just a few benefits that come when adults read stories to children.

With stories come adventures! Reading books can shape our view of the world especially as children. Learn about far away places or somewhere just a few miles down the road. Adventure can be anywhere. It is important to foster a positive sense of trying new things.

Stories can often be a way for children to cope with hard times. There are many books out there that deal with hard issues; death of a pet, a friend moving away, being made fun of, and many other trials they have to endure.

One of the most exciting benefits is that we can help make children become nice people. Reading stories about people who are different from us can teach children more empathy. The goal is to achieve a developed theory of mind.

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Parents reading to children not only help with critical thinking and understanding, but it also develops the habit between parent and child to ask questions in general.

Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting. – Edmund Burke

Don’t forget, stories are more than just a good book. Alternatives to books: retell a story you both already know, make up a story, or check out some story apps. Then again, there is always my favorite: music! Have you heard Dolly Parton’s new album? She has released her first children’s album and I have really enjoyed what I’ve heard of it so far.

No matter what method you chose, just keep telling stories!

read dr seuss

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