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What a year! As we look back on 2020, no matter how it changed your life, let's find gratitude in knowing what lies ahead... better days.

Better Days (New Years)

New Years Single 

You can access it on all of your favorite streaming platforms upon release by clicking the picture below.

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Chills Collection (from Pilgrim Fowl Press)


This is the first collection of short stories from the authors of Pilgrim Fowl Press. Be aware that these are tales that chill and may not be suitable for all ages. Are you ready to get your spook on?

The Love Stone


A nearly forgotten elder, a lonely street girl, a dreamer, witch, and an egocentric tycoon all have one thing in common. They've all been touched by the love stone.

This collection of short stories reminds us of the power we have when we chose love daily. What will your legacy be?

"The lessons are from love, but lessons do not care where they come from. Time, pain, sacrifice: these are the currency of lessons."~ The Elder (from The Love Stone)

The Love Stone is released as an Amazon exclusive. BUT, if you like to read on your phone, you can always download the Kindle App for iPhone or Android. (paperback coming soon). Thank you so much for your support!

Song Of A Wingfin


Noreen had no idea what to expect when she was sent to live with her Gran in Ireland. Little did she know, an adventure was waiting for her, an adventure with wings and a mermaid tail. The Famine on the Fae-side was causing a great imbalance, and someone had to find a solution. If only giants, botrolls, and a hungry ogress weren't an obstacle, Noreen might be home by dinner time.

Song of a Wingfin is released as an Amazon exclusive. BUT, if you like to read on your phone, you can always download the Kindle App for iPhone or Android. OR purchase the paperback. Thank you so much for your support!

Feedback From Fans for Song of a Wingfin

It's stunningly written. Kids are going to love it! I honestly lost myself in this book.

Caitriona B. - Beta Reader & Book Enthusiast 

It's clear that Annette carries her musical talent into writing. This means you're in for a wonderful performance you won't forget.

Lloyd L. - Librarian Granville Public Library - Comic Guru

This story was so cute. I loved the characters. I didn’t want to put it down, it kept me wanting to know what happens next. A fantasy story that’s great for kids. I would definitely recommend it to my teacher friends for there aftercare programs.

Amazon Review

A delightful fairy tale with creatures you'll love. It leaves you wanting to know more about the Fae. I read this because my granddaughter likes the fantasy novels and wanted to make sure it was okay to recommend to her. I really think she will like this one. I fell in love with Herb. He's my new Olaf.

Amazon Review

A well written, fast paced story based around Irish legends. A mesmerizing tale that will appeal to older kids and adults alike. I highly recommend this book!

Diana H. - Amazon Review

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