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Let’s Celebrate Books!

In honor of Book Lovers Day (August 9), I am sharing books from my fellow authors over at Pilgrim Fowl Press.

The small press that has taken me under their wing.

Lily Dae is the author of sweet lesbian romance. For anyone who has never heard of the genre ‘sweet romance’, it’s a genre where there is nothing too risque. Last year, she released A Christmas Rideshare and landed on the Amazon Top 100 Lesbian Fiction list! What’s even more exciting is that she just put her next story up for pre-order. Are you ready for Holiday Reservations?

Now available for pre-order

Next up, we have Tony Gruenwald (aka Full Time Tony). A full time dad living with his wife and three kids in Minnesota, Tony has plenty of inspiration for adventures. That’s just what his stories are. Science Fiction adventures with him and the kids. His debut book FullTimeTony and the Planet Playground is available now, but you can always catch all the shenanigans over at his blog.

Always beware of aliens with perfect hair-dos.

Tony calls this next author our gang leader. That is so not threatening when you are talking about a group of nerd enthusiast writers. B.A. Burgess has quite a few titles under her belt including both Fiction and Non-Fiction. In her latest release, she has turned her mother into an action hero. She is ever-present on Instagram (or at least her mugs are), and you can check out her blog to get to know her a bit more. Or, better yet, if you’d like to learn to write your own book, check out How to Write a Children’s Book.

What would you do for the last bag of your favorite treat?

Then, of course, there is me. You already know me pretty well, but what you might not know is that I am releasing another book this month! Song of a Wingfin was a YA novel that took you on a quest with unique characters who became close friends. My next release is a novelette called The Love Stone. This is a collection of short tales that share a common theme of love. The Love Stone is intended for all ages and reminds us to chose love every day. If you’re interested in seeing more of my holistic based writing, I’d love to have you over at my other blog, Harmony of a Creative Life.

Although this book will not have a pre-order, you can follow my author profile by clicking the book cover.

Thanks for taking the time to meet my friends. We can’t wait to imagine you another story.

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