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Happy “Tell A Story” Day

Today is “tell a story” day! Now this is one I can get in to. Since I’m sitting for a while on my own for about fifteen minutes at physical therapy, let’s see if I can tell you a story using the things around me. Here we go! …

Margie couldn’t believe that bratty kid next door finally got one up on her. The ball in her yard had been there for three days, and she refused to return it. It was his ball, he needed to come get it from her yard if he wanted it back. Yet there it stayed. At least until she went out to get her paper last week without her glasses on. Now the ball was god-knows-where and she was stuck going to physical therapy twice a week until her knee was back in tip-top shape.

The exercises were more annoying than helpful. However, the stem-therapy was kind of nice. It was like tiny zaps around her knee cap. If it were just slightly less voltage, it would probably tickle. She still wasn’t sure what qualified these men working in the office to lay their hands on her. One said he was a doctor but she never knew a doctor who made such bad and offensive jokes. So Margie spent her time in silence listening to the younger ladies on the treadmill gossip. She wasn’t really listening to their words as much as the rhythm of their banter. She was almost content in her imaginary bubble when the jingle of the bell on the door disrupted her.

Through the door walked her neighbor, the thin blonde who left her trash cans out too long, and she was ushering in the brat. The cause of her discomfort was literally walking through the door.

“Hi, Jim! Chad is here for his physical therapy. Mind if I come back in half hour?”

“Sure thing. How that shoulder, buddy?”

Margie noted how the brat shrugged. His head was bowed down and he seemed to be studying the patterns on the floor.

*author interruption* 15 minutes up. Looks like we just got an intro to a story. I wonder what would happen if I spend more time with Margie & Chad. What do you think happens next? I know! STORY PROMPT! See where this intro takes your imagination. Finish the scene.

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