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Interview with Herb the Pooka

Today I reached out to an old friend and asked if they would like to be an interviewed guest on my blog. He decided to take time out of his mischievious schedule to talk with us.

sketch by artist Joseph Benenhaley

Me: Welcome, Herb. I appreciate you taking time today to chat. I didn’t know you knew how to use Zoom. Then again, I guess we’ve all had to get a better grasp on technology this past year.

Herb: Well, I wouldn’t has bothered before I gots myself some good human friends. Now theys need to talk in these ways. So I learns.

Me: Well, I’m glad you did. As you know today is a special holiday, “Children’s Book Day”. Since you were a star in my book Song of a Wingfin, I was hoping to spotlight you and ask a few random questions. Since you are a pooka and known for pranks, I thought you might like to give my readers tips on how to have a little fun. What’s your favorite way to have fun?

Herb: Oh, yes. I’s very good at pranks, but youse could haves fun without someone else. Dance, dress ups, eats your favorite foods. My favorite prank switches the sugars for salts at tea parties. Just asks my friend Broo. Ha!

Me: Oh my. Remind me to be on high alert at our next tea party. You know, what you said is true. I like to dance goofy sometimes, or make silly faces and that’s fun I can have by myself, although those things are also fun with friends. Speaking of eating your favorite foods, today is also “Peanut Butter and Jelly Day”! What’s your favorite sandwich, Herb?

Herb: Oh that’s easy. Cheesesteak with extras cheeses, peppers, and topped with gummies.

Me: <astonished, blank stare>

Herb: <slight smile, blinking back at me>

awkward silence.

Me: Topped with gummies?

Herb: Yeps. It’s a sweets and savory thing.

Me: Interesting. Well, if that’s your favorite sandwich, what’s your favorite way to eat a PB&J?

Herb: Toasts, nut butters, red jams, and a stack of crumbled crisps, or as youse say over there, po-ta-toes chips.

Me: Hmmm. I might be willing to try that one. Well, Herb, one last question. We know pookas can be mischievous. If us human folk wanted to steer clear of that mischief, how would we go about that?

Herb: Oh there’s no ways to dodge it once a pooka sets the minds to the tricks. Howevers, personally, being a well mannered pooka, <dramatically moves hand to his heart – obvious lie face> I nevers trick the ones whos don’t have it coming. So behaves out there, readers.

Me: Today has been very entertaining, Herb. I hope we can talk again soon. Thank you for letting me interview you and for being one of the stars in my book Song of a Wingfin.

Herb: Waits, Nettie, I sent youse a thank you package for inviting me. Did youse gets it?

Me: Oh, yeah. Thanks, Herb. I was just gonna open it later. Did you want me to do it now?

Herb: Wells, only ifs you wanted. <bats eyelashes slyly>

Me: <carefully opening the package expecting something to jump out.> Oh! Homemade Jammie Dodgers! Herb, I love these cookies. <bites into a cookie and promptly spits it out. talking while wiping tongue off> Did you make these with salt?

Herb: <hysterically laughing, holding his side> Bwahah! I even warns you!

Me: Alright, Herb. You got me. I think I’ll go brush my teeth and go eat a real cookie now. Bye now.

Herb: <wiping his eyes from laughing so hard> Okays, Nettie. Sees you laters. <blows a kiss toward the screen>


image by Amirali Mirhashemian from unsplash

If you’d like some recommendations for Children’s Book Day, you could read my book Song of a Wingfin featuring Herb and his friend Noreen. In this book, they search for the relic in order to save Fae-kind from the famine and a giant. If you have younger readers, I love the Fernando series by my friend Barbara Ann Burgess. If outer space in more your thing, how about a stay-at-home dad who gets into crazy adventures with his three kids in FullTime Tony and the Planet Playground. Happy reading, Friends, and I hope you enjoy a good PB&J today.

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