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Breathing Over Here

Today began on the wrong foot. I did not want to get out of bed. I think stress has been getting to me. One moment I’ll be fine and the next I feel extremely overwhelmed.

I was supposed to have a doctors appointment this morning but forgot what I needed for the doctors appointment and had to reschedule. Then, I realized work won’t be expecting me back for a while. So, I stopped by a coffee shop for a latte. Bonus: I had a gift card.

Then, I didn’t drink it. Not right away. My friend Barbara practices coffee mug meditation, and today I am following her lead. I intentionally sat with it in my car, closed my eyes, forced my shoulders down, took long breaths, and let it warm my hands. I did not move other than breathing.

Today will be okay, maybe even good. Another day can be great.

Goal: make someone else smile …they’re contagious and I probably will too.

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