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Three Tips for Creatives

I am sitting at my cluttered dining room table staring at my laptop. My dog has abandoned her task of warming my toes as I work on formatting for my debut as a real life published author. (Book release in three weeks…whoa).

Snap shot of my new website. It’s really happening.

Instead of running to get socks, I’m using my break time to share a moment with you. Those of you who are creative may be able to relate. There is a plight we tend to suffer from that I will name “CWWBM” (Creative Wibbly Wobbly Brain Mess). The conditions that fall under CWWBM are Impostor Syndrome, depression symptoms when not having a creative outlet for a while, and similar symptoms when in the liminal space between projects. Some may have another condition of running multiple creative outlets at once. However, this “more than one thing” trait can be a blessing if managed.

Do not despair! There are exercises that allow you to maintain your sanity!

One: breathe. I recently posted about this and can’t stress enough how taking a few moments just for you, accompanied with some focused breathing, can work wonders.

Two: make a list. It’s no secret I love making lists. When you hear that wee, doubting devil start to whisper on your shoulder, flick that sucker away and grab a pen. List all the things you are proud you have accomplished so far. I highly recommend using actual paper. You can make it recent or over a lifetime. Seeing it on paper staring back at you will make a difference.

Three: have a friend and be a friend. I don’t mean just a casual friend or someone who vampire sucks your energy. I mean someone who supports you and you support them. Be two pillars in the temple of friendship! Yes, I’m a dork, but I’m serious. There is strength in being there for the right friend and knowing you are supported in return

Hey, look, I wrote a gratitude post! Ok, I’m off to get those socks. Do you have any tips for overcoming CWWBM? Please share.

(Since this post, I have released a class on Skillshare that offers a free PDF and teaches how to have a balanced and productive day. If you’re interested, just click here.)

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