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I Got Mail

Before Christmas last year, a lovely lady on social media asked publicly for recommendations of a children’s book to buy for her nieces. At first, I hesitated, not wanting to sound like a braggart but quickly tossed off that feeling. I should be proud! I wrote a wonderful story! So I responded, telling her of my book and offered to write a letter to her nieces if she chose to buy my book as a fun bonus for them.

I loved writing little letters and sending coloring sheets. Never did I expect one back! As I opened the letter of slightly shaky, penciled handwriting, (complete with exclamation points featuring heart dots❤️) I felt myself get emotional.

It has also inspired me to start thinking about Noreen’s next adventure. I have some juicy ideas. Never doubt how your story (fiction or not) can impact someone else.

Illustration by Joseph Benenhaley

If you are interested in reading Song of a Wingfin, I’d love to hear from you too!

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