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June 24: Happy Fairy Day!

I confess, I love random holidays, and when I saw that tomorrow is International Fairy Day, I thought, How cool! So word on the interwebs claim this holiday was created by artist Jessica Galbreth from Waterville, Ohio. She used to do beautiful gothic fairy art but switched to angel art in recent years. I love it when artists trust their intuition to switch gears and stay true to their talent. Below are examples of her work, and you can click the image to visit her website.

Galbreth’s fairy inspired art

Galbreth’s angel inspired art

So you might be wondering how to celebrate Fairy Day. Here are some fun options.

  1. Read a story about fairies

  2. Read a story about fairies out loud to someone else

  3. Create a fairy garden (If you already have one, spend some time tidying it up.)

  4. Go hunting for fairies.

  5. Color a picture of a fairy

  6. Make a fairy themed treat. I found this recipe for fairy bread and it looks so fun!

If you are looking for a fun fairy tale, you can purchase my book Song of a Wingfin for Kindle or paperback. I hope you have fun tomorrow and let me know how you celebrate! ❤️ 🧚‍♂️

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