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Tell a Story

The power a good story can hold over you is hypnotizing and magical. From the bards of the middle ages to grandmothers relaying folklore to their grandchildren, stories have the power to carry you away. Sometimes we need to be reminded how fun stories can be. So I invite you to adopt a tradition for Halloween week, find a new story! Today is Tell a Story Day in the UK. (I found evidence that this holiday is April 27th in the USA.) Truth be told, we don’t need an excuse for a good story, do we?

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Since my book Song of a Wingfin takes place in Northern Ireland, I feel I must point out that it would be an excellent book to start on such a day as today. Also, for those of you in the UK right now, I’m sorry you must endure another lockdown. Things will improve. Just keep your chin up…unless it’s buried in a good book.

share a story with a friend

Another fun activity for today would be to team up with a friend and create a story together. I’ve done this with a friend before. We would send each other postcards with three sentences each, continuing each others’ tale. Now, postcards might take too long for some. Perhaps you could try this through texting or email.

Some of my favorites are cozy stories and spooky stories right now. I would love it if you shared what your favorite kind of story is this time of year. Share in the comments.

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